How to Measure for New Furniture

It is very important to measure your home before ordering new furniture. The last thing you want is for your furniture to arrive and be too big to fit through the front door, or look tiny in your large living room. When shopping for furniture, it is always a good idea to use the measurements provided for each item and measure your space. Here are a few tips to help you measure your home for new furniture.

Using the Tape Method

One method to help you imagine the way a new piece of furniture will look in your home is to use masking tape and a measuring tape to measure out the exact footprint of the piece of furniture. Stick a piece of the blue painters tape as an outline where the furniture will sit on the floor or against a wall. This will help you visualize the piece of furniture in your room so you can see if it will properly fit and work with your existing decor. Make sure to plan enough space for walkways between furniture so your room is not cramped and awkward to move through.

Doors and Stairs

Doors, stairways, tricky corners and hallways are often overlooked when measuring your home for new furniture. It is important to measure any area that the furniture will travel through before it reaches its designated area. Keep in mind that some oversized furniture may not fit through a standard 36″ doorway and may need an alternate route into your home.

Things to Consider When Shopping Online for Furniture

So, you’ve decided to shop online to purchase some new furniture for your home. What’s the next step? Here are a few things to consider when shopping for furniture online.


Begin by thinking about the style of furniture you are looking for. Is your style traditional, ultra-modern, or somewhere in between? It is important to choose new items that will complement your existing décor and fit into your current lifestyle. With a little thought and some product investigation online you should have no trouble finding several different versions of your dream furniture set.


Another point to consider is how the furniture will be used. Will it be in your formal living room mostly for aesthetics and barely get any use, or will it be in front of the television and used every day? These are factors to consider with regards to the comfort and durability of a piece of furniture.

The people and pets in your life will also impact the wear of your new furniture and is another important factor to take into consideration while you are in this exploratory phase. A white sofa set might not be the best choice for a household with small children or pets that regularly get into the furniture. If you regularly host guests, you might want to consider the number of seats available in each room where you will be entertaining.


Another great place to start is by measuring your room and taking note of how much room you have available for new furniture. You will want to make sure that the furniture will fit into your room and not fill the entire space to the point that you are not able to walk comfortably through the room. It is also important to measure your doorways, hallways and narrow corners to make sure that the furniture will be able to get to your room of choice.

Experience & Reliability 

One of the most important things to consider is the online retailer you are doing business with. You want to make sure that the company you choose has a lot of experience with shipping furniture and dealing with any issues that could arise with your furniture delivery. It is a good idea to call online retailers with any of your questions or concerns. Remember that professional retailers will have a trained staff to answer any questions you might have as well as take care of any issues that you may experience after you new furniture arrives.


The Benefits of Shopping for Furniture Online

Every year more and more shoppers are turning to the internet for their home furnishing purchases. In 2012, online furniture sales comprised 8% of total furniture and bedding sales and in 2013 the [percentage] rose to 9% of the total sales (source). This trend is expected to continue as more shoppers are becoming internet savvy and realizing the convenience to shopping online. The DIY trend is also boosting online furniture sales as first time home-buyers are looking for a unique and individualized style of furniture to enhance their decor.

Many people might ask why they should buy furniture from an online furniture dealer when there are plenty of local furniture store in their area. The answer to that question is simple, furniture stores have a limited amount of space on their showroom floors, therefore they are only going to display the most popular styles and trends. However, due to the limited size of their showrooms brick and mortar furniture stores are unable to offer the selection that you can find online. Online furniture stores have an unlimited amount of showroom space and the ability to show one-of-a-kind items that might only be right for a very small percentage of shoppers. Shopping online may be your only option if you are looking for a unique style of furniture that your local furniture store does not carry.

When shopping for furniture online, you are not limited to store hours and you do not have to load the kids up in your car, driving around town from store to store looking for that perfect item. Shopping online gives you the flexibility to shop from the comfort and convenience of your home or office on your own schedule. Whether your sitting in bed in your pajamas, on your comfy couch in your living room unwinding from the day or on your break at work, you are able to browse through hundreds of styles of furniture that you would be unable to find at your local furniture store.

Retail stores have a lot of overhead expenses that get built into the price of the furniture. These expenses include the rent on the store, the larger the showroom and the more space they have the more they have to spend on rent and electricity. Another major expense for a retail store is the team of salesmen in expensive suits that greet you at the door, you can expect them to make between 5% – 7% on each sale. Typically, these costs are not incurred when shopping online because an online store has lower overhead when compared to a traditional brick and mortar furniture store. All of these factors combined mean that you can receive a much better value when shopping online.

Many online furniture stores offer factory direct pricing which can save you hundreds when compared to buying the same furniture from your local furniture store. Your furniture is delivered from the manufacturer to your door, instead of from the manufacturer to a store. Cutting out the middle-man in your furniture buying will make your shopping dollars stretch further and allow you to work on decorating your room with all the money you save.